What is ?

Fresh fruits portions of high quality, packed in vacuum, without preservatives. Steadily maintained at -18οC with 2 years shelf life.

Just throw them frozen, in a blender & make:

  • smoothies (with water)
  • milk-shakes (with milk, yogurt or ice cream)
  • exotic cocktails (with alcohol)


Useful Αdvices

Make your smoothies by blending: one pack frozen Smooth-it + 150 ml iced water.

Because of the sour fruit taste, especially if strawberry is contained, use 150 ml iced water + sweetener to your taste.

Blend the ingredients, at low speed for about 10 – 20΄΄, depending on the blender.


  • Portions of fresh fruits in pieces, with no preservatives

  • Packed in vacuum & frozen at -18°C

  • 2 years shelf life

  • Νot pulps or syrups

  • Variety of exotic fruits

  • Unique in taste

  • High quality of fruits

  • Low calories

  • Innovative product in the Greek market


  • Stock & cost control for the traders

  • Fresh taste due to the vacuum packing in deep freeze

  • No ice-glaze, which alters the original fresh taste

  • More fresh than…fresh fruits

  • Time saving

  • Without waste

  • Multiple uses by mixing with alcohol, yogurt, milk or ice cream

  • Ideal for healthy nutrition

  • Contains valuable vitamins: Α, Β, Β9, C, Ca, E, Κ, minerals, carbohydrates fiber, antioxidants etc.

  • Standard quality & availability all over the year

  • Quick preparation

Fruits to Drink


Every box contains 12 smaller cartons of 12 packs = 144 portions of smooth-it

Box dimensions: 42 x 38 x 29 cm. of gross weight around 20 kgs

Carton dimensions: 18 x 13,5 x 13,5 cm.



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